InterClub Challenge Trophy

The winner of the TYRE Festival 2019 Inter-Club Challenge trophy is Ash Turner, having travelled more than any other member to get to the rally.

As one of his first events with the TR Youth, Ash jumped on board straight away, joining in with the Friday night inter-club games revealing his day job as a helicopter engineer and his skills in the game of beer pong.

Ash also demonstrated excellent inter-club spirit, offering a ride in his TR6 around the 100 mile road run to Beth Fewster, Treasurer of the MMOC Young Members Register – and her little spaniel Basil, too. This is exactly what the event had set out to achieve – forming friendships between different clubs’ members and giving them the opportunity to experience classic cars quite different to their own (Beth is the owner of a Morris Minor Traveller and a Minor Saloon – and a Toyota Yaris…)

One-Nil to the TR Youth then!

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