Good Sport Award

The winner of the TYRE Festival 2019 “Good Sport Award” is Toby Carr.

There was little competition in the organisers’ minds as to who this trophy should be awarded to. Despite being the youngest attendee at this weekend’s rally, Toby (along with dad Simon) properly encapsulated the spirit of the Young Members at the festival.

Toby is currently restoring an Austin A35, and with it off the road he had to thumb a lift along to TYRE Festival with his dad – handy really, as he’s two years too young to be in possession of a pink licence himself! Simon, who works for a well-know Oldbury-based spares supplier, heard about the event from colleague Iwan Jones – chairman of the MG Car Club’s Young Members Branch. Both are enthusiastic supporters of the work being done to promote and support the next generation of car club members.

Age really is just a number, and Toby joined in with the older Young Members enjoying the weekend – with some even kind enough to let him drive their own cars, clearly impressed at his youthful ability as he piloted his dad’s Vauxhall Cresta around the festival site – under close supervision of course.

Toby is already acquainted with the Young Members section of the A30/A35 Owners Club, and has warmly invited his new friends at TYRE Festival to their National Rally next year. Perfect – the excuse we’ve all been looking for to buy another old car…

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